• Restaurants
    Macedonia's capital offers something to satisfy all modern tastes and appetites. Skopje's eateries are plentiful and offer a diverse range of local and international flavours. The international cuisine is well represented in Skopje with Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and French restaurants, all located within the city center. In addition, there is a plenty of pizza and fast food places, as well as small bakery cafes.

  • Shopping
    Most of the shopping places and facilities in Skopje are open from 9am until 9pm from Monday to Saturday and 10am to 10pm on Sundays (for most of the shopping   malls).For more detailed information about the exact working hours please check the web sites below.
    Skopje City Mall
    Address: Ljubljanska 4, 1000, Skopje
    web: http://www.skopjecitymall.mk/
    City Gallery
    Address: Macedonia Square, Skopje 
    phone: +389 (02) 3 230 027
    City Trade Center GTC
    Address: Kej 13-ti Noemvri, Skopje 
    phone: +389 (02) 3 120 407
    web: http://www.gtconline.com.mk/
    Address: St. Kiril and Metodij br.13, Skopje  
    phone: +389 (02) 3 178 030
    web: http://www.ramstore.com.mk
    Address: Bul. Jane Sandanski 82, Skopje 
    phone: +389 (02) 2 450 944
    Soravia Group
    Address: Kej 13-ti Noemvri 14-2/6, Skopje 
    phone: +389 (02) 3 290 167
    web: http://www.soravia.com.mk/
    Beverly Hills
    Address: Naroden Front b.b., Skopje
    Zebra Center
    Address: Vasil Gjorgov 16, Skopje 
    phone: +389 (02) 3 290 167
    web: http://travelguideskopje.blogspot.com/2012/11/malls-and-shopping-zebra-mall.html
  • Cultural Events
    Basker Fest
    is an international street festival in Skopje. It features acrobats, magicians, mimes, jugglers, clowns, musicians and puppeteers who perform in the streets of Macedonia's capital. It is organized by the so called "One Way" community group and is under the auspices of the City of Skopje. The main location is Macedonia Square, the city's main square, but events also take place in the municipalities of Aerodrom, Chair and Gazi Baba and also in Soravia Center in the center of Skopje. It is held in June.
    Blues And Soul Festival
    It is a festival of blues and soul music. Musicians from America, Europe, and from Macedonia take part. It is held in July.
    Skopje Film Festival
    The Skopje Film Festival is a five-day-festival held every year in March. At this event over 50 Macedonian and European films are shown, as well as some non-commercial film productions from all over the world.
    May Opera Evenings
    This festival of the opera traditionally takes place every year at the beginning of May. It started in 1972. The programme includes different operas, ballets, concerts of opera arias and symphonymusic.
    This is the traditional Skopje festival of world music held in summer in May or June.
    Skopje Summer
    This international, multimedia, cultural and artistic event takes place every year on the 21st June. This day is known as the World Day of Music. Its aim is to enrich the cultural life in Skopje from June to mid August. The Festival has a long tradition and it was first held in 1980. Many artists from various arts take part in the programme. The Festival is a member of the International Association of Festivals and Cultural Events - IEFA.
    Independence Day
    In Macedonia Independence Day is celebrated on the 8th  September. It has been a national holiday since 1991, when via a referendum Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia. 
    Skopje Design Week
    Skopje Design Week is held in September in Kurshumli An, situated in the Old Bazaar. 
    Pivoland is the biggest beer festival and is held in September at the Kale fortress. 
    International Student Folklore Festival
    This Festival was first established in 1967 by the Mirche Acev folklore group. The participants are student folklorists from all over the world. This Festival has been included in the catalogue of the International Organization of Festivals - IOV. It takes place in September. 
    Skopje Jazz Festival
    This renowned event represents a festival of the best world and domestic jazz musicians. It started in 1982 and is held every year in October. It is highly regarded by the jazz enthusiasts all  around the world. 
    Vinoskop is a wine festival held at the Macedonia Square in October. 
    Skopje Open
    It is an international competition in standard and Latin-American dances. It started in 1990 and is held every year in October. 
    Taksirat Festival
    Taksirat Festival is an annual music festival held in December in Skopje and is dedicated to showcasing the best of alternative, rock, pop and dance music. Every year the week long festival attracts around 15,000 people. There are two main stages where quite a number of Macedonian musicians entertain the crowds.
  • Free Time Activities
    Skopje City Bus Tour
    Skopje City Bus Tour runs at a promotional price of only 0.5 EUR (35 denars), starting twice a day from Porta Makedonija at 11am & 5pm. The tour lasts for 45 minutes. 
    Gran Billiard Club
    Bo Bowling (City Mall)
    Skopje Zoo
    Skopje Zoo is a 12-hectare (30-acre) zoo in Gradski Park, Skopje. It is a home to about 300 animals representing 56 species.
    Hiking on Mountain Vodno
    Towering over Skopje and topped with the huge Millennium Cross, Vodno Mountain is 1,066m. high and is criss-crossed by marked hiking paths. Fit hikers can walk up from the city to the peak in a few hours and enjoy the view of the 66-metre high Millenium Cross. But if you feel lazy or if you are not an athletic person, then you can take a taxi or a bus that will leave you at mid-mountain where you can take the cable car which goes to the very top.
    Тhe Vardar River
    The Vardar River quay is most people’s favourite place in Skopje where you can escape from the crowds. The Vardar river runs through the city and for the most part there is a nice quay along the banks, where people ride their bikes, exercise, rollerblade, run, play sport or even go fishing.
    Skopje City Park
    Skopje City Park is located in the city center, on the right side of the Vardar river. It is a very popular place. The park was created at the end of the 19th century and was reconstructed and enlarged at the beginning of the 20th century. There is a long trail that runs from the Macedonia Square all the way to the suburb of Vlae (about 5km). At the entrance of the park you can buy some drinks and snacks. There are a few small lakes in the park which are all connected to each other. In the park you can see monuments and sculptures. One section of the park is a children’s amusement park, and there is also a dog section. Lots of events take place on the concrete stage in the park like concerts, exhibitions etc. It is beautiful to visit the park all year round. It looks different in every season.
    Lake Matka
    The area around Lake Matka is a half-hour drive from Skopje and mainly popular for weekend outings, however it is almost deserted during the week. There is a lot to see there - a lake winding between imposing cliffs, several monasteries and churches and a couple of restaurants. The opportunity to hike, boat or climb  makes it a well worth destination for a full day excursion.
    Cave Vrelo
    The Vrelo Cave consists of an above and under water part with an estimated depth of 212 meters which makes  it the deepest cave in the Balkans and the second deepest cave in Europe. Though the exact depth of the cave is unknown, it is speculated that it could be the deepest underwater cave in the world.


    Vrelo's entrance is hidden in the Matka canyon (which consists of the Matka lake and the Treska river) and is about 1.5km far from the Matka Dam. This canyon lake covers about 5,000 hectares. Just above the cave’s entrance there is a section called Suva, where you can see many stalactites and stalagmites. However, the biggest stalactite is in the middle of the cave and is known as the Pine Cone, due to its shape. At the end of the cave there are two lakes, one being larger than the other. The smaller lake is 8 metres (26.2 feet) long and 15 metres (49.2 feet)deep. The larger lake is 35 metres (114.8 feet) long and 18 metres (59 feet) deep. The Matka Canyon hosts about 1,000 plant species, 20% of which are endemic, as well as various butterfly species not found anywhere else in Europe. The canyon is also a home to vultures, and occasionally bald eagles, which are protected by law in order to save them from extinction.


    The Vrelo Cave has been nominated for the Seven World Wonders competition in 2005 and has made it to the semi-finals.